Snap-On Equipment – Hofmann 
Geodyna 7800p – 7850p – 8200p – 8250p

Presentata ad Autopromotec 2015 – Bologna – la rinnovata serie Geodyna, equilibratrici Hofmann con monitor touchscreen e immissione automatica di dati.
Unveiled at Autopromotec 2015 – Bologna – the renewed series geodyna wheel balancers Hofmann, with touchscreen monitor and automatic non-contact data entry.

Angelini Design e Roncato – spot Light
spot TV – Roncato Light
Lo spot del trolley Roncato ha come testimonial Lamberto Angelini, due volte protagonista, come attore del filmato e come designer del prodotto. 
Questa scelta strategica è un riconoscimento all’importanza del design per il progetto e al contributo del designer alla crescita di valore del marchio.
Lamberto Angelini, as testimonial of the Roncato Light tv spot, is twice protagonist, as an actor and as a product designer. This strategic choice underlines the importance of design for the project and the designer’s contribution to the growth of brand value

CEE Award – China Clean Expo 2013
Award:  The Best Brand for Industrial Cleaning
Winner:  Nilfisk-Advance  -  Angelini Design

CCE Award – nell’ambito di CEE China Clean Expo – è divenuta una piattaforma internazionale durante la quale le élite del settore della pulizia si riuniscono e condividono informazione e networking. E’ l’evento annuale più atteso nel settore dell’industria della pulizia in Cina, e catalizza le attenzioni dell’Asia e del mondo intero.

CCE Award has become – in CEE China Clean Expo – a international platform for elites of the cleaning industry to gather together for networking and information sharing. It is the most anticipated annual event in the China’s cleaning industry, attracting the attentions from Asia and the whole world.

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What’s old is new again: VW developed auto start/stop, DI in 1980

link – Autoblog Green

link – Popular Science

The great risk in predicting the future is that the odds are great that you will be wrong. Every once in while, though, you nail the ideas almost dead on. For some amusement, it’s always fun to go back and peruse old issues of magazines like Popular Science and Popular Mechanics to see what they predicted cars would look like in the next century (that would be the one we live in right now).

Way back in 1980, Volkswagen built a Golf-sized experimental car dubbed VW2000. The timing was off by a few years, but the good bits were remarkably close to where we are today. The VW2000 had a prototype automatic start stop system which is becoming increasingly common today. Unlike today’s systems that mainly rely on a heavy duty conventional starter or integrated starter/generator, this concept used a flywheel based system.

The system adds a second clutch between the engine and flywheel in addition to the conventional unit between the clutch and gearbox. The new clutch would disengage when the car came to a stop, allowing the flywheel to continue spinning while the engine was off. Re-engaging the clutch would allow the flywheel to restart the engine. It’s an interesting idea that we’ll have to look into to see why it was never adopted. Another of the idea in the VW2000 was the adoption of direct injection for the diesel engine. That, of course, is pretty much universal now in diesels and rapidly becoming ubiquitous in gas engines too. Check out the full story in Google books where all many old issues of Popular Science have been scanned.

Angelini Design and Volkswagen

Volkswagen AUTO2000 – 1980 – Prototipo finalizzato alla ricerca di nuove tecnologie e all’ottimizzazione del coefficiente aerodinamico. La linea della carrozzeria ha poi dato origine alla PASSAT, presentata nel 1988.

Prototype oriented toward the research of new technologies and aerodynamic optimization. This design paved the way for the PASSAT in 1988.

Per una nuova stagione – Plast Design 03-2012
For a new season – Plast Design 03-2012

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Un prodotto industriale destinato ad una produzione in serie che non prevede grandi tirature, comporta vincoli che il designer non può ignorare. Innanzitutto si dovrà utilizzare, per quanto possibile, componentistica già esistente perché il costo di attrezzature specifiche non potrebbe essere ammortizzato. Un ruolo importante riveste la scelta dei materiali e del processo industriale che dovranno soddisfare le caratteristiche tecniche e funzionali del progetto e allo stesso tempo coniugare l’equilibrio tra investimenti e costi di produzione.

An industrial product destined to mass production that doesn’t include large production volumes, implies constraints that the designer cannot ignore. First of all he will have to use, as far as possible, already existing components because the cost of specific tooling could not be amortized. An important role is played by the choice of the materials and the industrial process that will have to meet the technical and functional features of the project, and at the same time combine the balance between investments and production costs.